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Printed Books in the Digital Age: A conversation with Jonathan Simons, founding editor of offline publishing house Analog Sea.

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Tuesday 28th March 2023 

Kibworth Books, The Barn 
7.30pm (Doors open 7pm) 

Join us for an inspiring and thought provoking evening with Jonathan Simons, founding editor of offline publishing house Analog Sea.

Analog Sea, who distribute exclusively to physical bookshops, believe firmly in retaining a strong offline culture. They want people to think more about what it means to have human librarians, booksellers, and professional writers working within a community, and what the impact of their disappearance might be. They also enjoy discussing the effects of carving out offline space in our lives, and how our use of technology impacts on the way we think, dream, and create.

Analog Sea explores questions about which parts of our lives should resist being swept up and digitized through their various publications, including their literary journal - The Analog Sea Review. The journal receives thousands of answers in the form of thoughtfully crafted letters posted to them by readers. But unless these conversations are taken into physical spaces, they remain, albeit offline and analog, merely a virtual community.

Analog Sea are therefore hitting the road to visit bookshops for a series of readings from the journal, and to engage in discussion of topics related to offline culture and the printed word.

Copies of The Analog Sea Review will be available to purchase at the event.

Ticket price includes general admission and a complimentary drink.