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Everything You Need to Know About Dinosaurs

ISBN: 9780241614884
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Discover the amazing world of prehistoric reptiles in this book all about dinosaurs for kids. Embark on a fun, fact-filled dive into the prehistoric world with Everything You Need to Know About Dinosaurs. Children will love going back in time and learning about these cold-blooded creatures.

Packed with vibrant pictures and lots of fascinating facts, kids can enjoy learning about how dinosaurs survived all over the world and how they adapted to their ancient habitats. Discover the anatomy, habitat and behaviour of these prehistoric creatures through fascinating facts that children aged 7+ will love reading about. Alongside, in between, and on top of all that, this riveting dinosaur book also provides ideas for things to make, games to play, quizzes, and amazing facts to share with friends! This dinosaur book for children offers:- An introduction to a whole host of dinosaurs including Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Pterodactylus and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.

- Close-ups, quizzes, and games with an exciting take on the amazing world of our cold-blooded friends. - A look at these creatures from all angles - information on habitat and breeding habits, as well as oddities such as which dinosaurs would win in a race, why some dinosaurs were "boneheads", and how scientists uncover the colours of dinosaur feathers. Children aged 7+ can learn all about prehistoric creatures from the very first page of this book, which combines little-known information with engaging text and an exciting design.

Each page contains everything kids need to know, and everything they WANT to find out about dinosaurs!