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Indigo Wilde and the Unknown Wilderness

Pippa Curnick

ISBN: 9781444956832
Published 23/06/2022
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On Thursday, the doorbell rings at Indigo Wilde's house on Jellybean Crescent.

It's a moon bear - an enormous winged bear covered with stars, the rarest of all rare creatures. The bear tells Indigo that her parents were studying it in its habitat in the Unknown Wilderness . . . and now they've vanished.

Indigo and her brother Quigley head off to rescue their parents. On their journey they come across many magical and extraordinary new creatures, but their parents are nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, there are other people studying the wildlife in the Unknown Wilderness.

But do the people Indigo and Quigley meet really have the best intentions? Or are they capturing the magical creatures for their own gain?