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Jennifer Bell

ISBN: 9781406391732
Published 05/05/2022
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From the bestselling author of Wonderscape and The Uncommoners, comes this fast-paced gaming adventure through the universe's greatest legends.


Arthur, Ren and Cecily are stuck in Legendarium in the year 2493, where the secretive villain Deadlock has discovered dangerous time-travel technology. To save the universe, the friends must enter the deadly Irontide Tournament, where legends are real and one wrong move could cost them their lives...

PRAISE FOR LEGENDARIUM "A wonder of an adventure - Jennifer's storytelling has everything I want; excitement, power and heart." Jasbinder Bilan

"Sharp, fast-paced and full of heart ... Arthur, Ren and Cecily are adventuring once more in this warm and witty pageturner of a sequel. I love it!" Elle McNicoll

"Legendarium does not disappoint. In fact, it grabs you from page one. With a furious pace and mind-boggling concepts, it's the very definition of a BLOCKBUSTER." Phil Earle"