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Painting Nature With Clare

Clare Therese Gray

ISBN: 9781645673705
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Make nature inspired masterpieces with this friendly all-in-one guide to gouache. From ferns and flowers to seascapes and songbirds, create charming paintings alongside popular designer and illustrator Clare Therese Gray. This book is packed with stunning illustrations accompanied by detailed instructions so that readers can enjoy each step of the way in creating their own painted masterpieces.

You will learn to capture the world around you with Clare's signature, whimsical style, ideal for gifts, invitations, greeting cards and more. Paint woodland mushrooms, beautiful botanicals or calming pastel landscapes; each project is broken into simple steps so you can enjoy the process and let go of perfection. Similar to watercolor yet easier to control, gouache is a fun and approachable medium for artists of any skill level.

You'll find 25 unique tutorials for creating enchanting relaxing artwork. Pieces are organized from beginner-like a jam jar of wildflowers-to advanced-like a twilight owl scene-so you can grow in confidence and expertise as you paint through each chapter. The book includes a thorough introductory section covering everything you need to get started: choosing and mixing colors, handling paint, selecting brushes and mastering basic techniques.

Let your creativity soar from riverbed to treetop and beyond with this gorgeous guide to gouache.