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A Pocketful of Herbs: An A-Z

Jekka McVicar

ISBN: 9781472959478
Published 07/03/2019
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"A genius little book! This is a fascinating guide to herbs and what to do with them - love it!" Jamie Oliver

From rosemary to wild garlic, and hyssop to sea kale, our food would be poorer without the herbs we grow. Jekka McVicar is the expert on herbs and how to get the best from them, and this new pocket book is the go-to guide for chefs and gardeners across the country. In a compact and handy A-Z format, this guide will ensure you get the best out of your herb garden, providing details such as when and where to plant, how hardy each plant is, how to nurture and care for your herbs and what each herb is best used for in the kitchen.

Jekka's own photography of the herbs complements the text, providing a quick and colourful reference.