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Christy Lefteri

ISBN: 9781838773762
Published 08/07/2021
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Her courage to cross oceans. Her hope for a better life.

Her love for a daughter, above all else. Not all tragedies make headlines, not every voice is heard. Nisha has crossed oceans to give her child a future.

Now she spends her days caring for someone else's daughter while her own waits for her return, half a world away. For Petra, it is only natural to hire a domestic worker to keep her house clean and her family fed. Their lives have nothing in common, except the love they feel for their daughters.

Then one day, Nisha vanishes. No one cares about the disappearance of a foreign domestic worker, except Petra and Nisha's secret lover, Yiannis, the only connection to her daughter back in Sri Lanka. As Petra and Yiannis desperately search for Nisha, they realise how little they knew about her.

What they uncover will change them both forever.