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West Heart Kill

Dann McDorman

ISBN: 9781526666222
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Any respectable practitioner must follow the rules in making the truth - however skilfully camouflaged by lies - accessible to all'It's the Fourth of July weekend at the prestigious West Heart country club. Gathered for cocktails on the first evening are just some of the guests: the club president, the treasurer, the snooping schoolboy, the bereaved father, the taciturn caretaker, the prospective member... And there will also be a body.

And a private detective. And a fiendish mystery to solve. But everything else is all to play for.

And you are about to find out that you have a role to play in this mystery too... West Heart Kill is an outrageously original and imaginative murder mystery that is both a love letter to the greats of classic crime fiction and a brilliant puzzle the likes of which you will never have read before.